The third season of In Treatment on HBO, an intimate look at what goes on in the office of psychotherapist, Paul Weston gets off to a strong start with Sunil, a grief-stricken Bengali man who has recently lost his wife. So far, Sunil is my favorite patient and that’s probably due in no small part to Irrfan Khan who embodies Sunil so realistically and completely, it feels I’m completely eavesdropping on the life of a real person. Continue reading »

I have to admit I was skeptical. How interesting could a story about the founding of Facebook be? Programming mumbo jumbo and algorithms are only exciting to probably less than one percent of the population. But, as it turns out, The Social Network is not only interesting but also a gripping and fast-paced look at the mindset of the people and birth of a technology that is revolutionizing the world and the way we communicate.

The first five minutes of the film set the serve and volley tone as Zuckerberg’s girlfriend, Erica breaks up with him after a verbal sparring match that drew me right in but prompted the couple sitting next to me in the theater to walk right out. Apparently they quickly realized there wouldn’t be any explosions in this movie or at least not the kind where landmark buildings are blown up. Stinging from his breakup, Harvard student Zuckerberg unleashes his wrath on the opposite sex and develops a computer program that rates the hotness of female students, which proves to be so popular it crashes the university’s computer system. That’s where all the fun and trouble begins. Continue reading »

I have to admit I was waiting for the premiere of The Walking Dead like a kid anticipating a holiday. I don’t know why. I have absolutely no rational explanation. I had not even watched a single zombie movie until a few years ago when I realized I had missed out on this entire genre. I started with Night of the Living Dead, with that unexpected, bleak, non-Hollywood ending that makes it so original and have been consuming zombie movies ever since.

The Walking Dead centers on a deputy sheriff, Rick Grimes who is shot in a fiery gunfight during the line of duty and wakes up alone in a desolate, abandoned hospital except for a group of dead people locked behind a chained door. He emerges into the daylight of a world he thinks is a bad dream to find countless bodies littering the streets only to realize he truly is in a nightmare come true. Continue reading »

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