There is a plot hole the size of the Grand Canyon early on in Hanna. The good news is that the film’s action and its heroine, played by Saoirse Ronan, are so captivating that you’ll barely notice. Ronan is striking and commanding as Hanna, a teen girl raised somewhere in the remote wintry Arctic Circle and trained to be an assassin by her father an ex-CIA operative. Eric Bana is intensely efficient as the deadly Erik Heller who will do whatever it takes to protect Hanna. Bana should get his own action franchise.

Hanna surprises the audience by seamlessly combining an action thriller with a quirky road trip movie while always maintaining an undercurrent of danger. As the resourceful Hanna takes off on her treacherous journey the characters she encounters, from the family on holiday to the killers on her trail, are all three dimensional and real. Continue reading »

What Would You Do? John Quiñones

Primetime: What Would You Do? Host, John Quiñones

If you are fascinated by human nature and seeing how human beings react when placed in conflicting situations, then you will love Primetime: What Would You Do?, which airs Friday nights on ABC. The hidden camera show, hosted by John Quiñones, uses actors to set up button pushing scenarios and then records the reactions of the unsuspecting public. Continue reading »

The common refrain that we use only ten percent of our brains is the premise of the fun and stylish Limitless. Bradley Cooper stars as Eddie Morra, a down and out writer with a book contract and a massive case of writer’s block. Eddie’s fortune suddenly changes when he bumps into his ex-wife’s shady brother who claims to represent a pharmaceutical company that has developed a miracle drug that will allow people to harness the full power of their brain. He offers Eddie a freebie sample and what human being would say no to that? Of course, as in life, too good to be true is too good to be true. Before you can say trouble, Eddie is a genius pounding out 40 pages a day while conquering the world of finance, some nasty men are chasing him, and he’s having black outs. Continue reading »

The Bravermans have morphed into the best TV family since Party of Five’s orphaned Salinger clan. The last two episodes of season two featured some of the show’s best writing and acting complete with those awkward, tense moments all families experience as well as the highs that make you forget that just yesterday you wanted to strangle your _________ (insert family member of your choice.)

One of the best moments comes courtesy of the technology most people can’t seem to do without. You know how your cell phone will sometimes become unlocked or simply possessed and dial the last number you called and all the person on the other end hears is the rustling inside your bag or pants pockets? Well, when 16 year-old Haddie’s cell phone accidentally calls her parents, Adam and Christina hear what every parent doesn’t want to and their ensuing embarrassment, discomfort, and desire to protect their daughter is both painful and funny, but mostly real. Even in today’s hyper aware world of too much information, parents still don’t know how to nor enjoy the necessary job of speaking to their kids about sex. Continue reading »

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