Love is at times crazy, stupid, heartbreaking, and in rare instances enduring. In the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid Love Steve Carell is Cal Weaver, a middle-aged husband and father who has lost his mojo and Julianne Moore is his wife, Emily who startles him out of his date night ‘Dockers and sneakers’ complacency when she asks for a divorce.

Cal’s immediate response to her request is at once hilarious and painful. He becomes a regular at an upscale LA lounge where he sits at the bar moping and complaining aloud to no one in particular about his wife’s infidelity with one David Lindhagen, played by Kevin Bacon who makes the most out of the small but pivotal role. Continue reading »

I haven’t read the best selling book the movie The Help is based on. Nor have I paid much attention to the controversy about a White central character telling the story of black maids in Jackson, Mississippi. I can only judge the movie by what appears on screen.

You get the sense the audience is being manipulated. This is where you’re supposed to laugh; this is where you should cry. It feels like a paint by numbers movie lesson about the ills of racism that comes across as a bit shallow and sunny despite the subject matter. There is a moment in the film where you see a newspaper headline about the Freedom Riders who were pioneers in the civil rights movement. If you’ve seen the powerful and unforgettable PBS documentary about these real life heroes, The Help will come across as a flimsy and pale attempt at depicting a complex and disturbing issue that still reverberates today. Continue reading »

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