The Brooklyn mouth belongs to me, Yvonne King and I’ve been running my mouth off since I was a little kid growing up in Bushwick. I’m as my father put it in his diplomatic way, “painfully blunt.” I’m the person who will tell you “yes, you look fat in those jeans,” ask “why are you wearing hooker boots?” and “the secret to not gaining weight is to not shove cake down your throat.” When it comes to film, television, fashion, and anything else in the pop culture, I’m just as honest. I’m a consumer first and foremost and that’s how I look at everything. Would I buy it and most especially would I spend my valuable time on it because money doesn’t come easy and time you never get back. So, I’ll be giving my straight up opinion about film, TV, and just about anything in the pop culture that catches my attention. What I won’t do is jump on the bandwagon and say I like something because the critics do or my friends or the mass audience. You see when you grow up in the ghetto playing on the fire escape, getting your bus pass stolen, and the hydrant on your block is the “pool,” you don’t much care about what authority figures or just about anyone else tells you you’re supposed to like.

Sketch by: Amy Huelsman 

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