The story of Aron Ralston, the lone hiker who had to cut off his arm in order to free himself from a boulder that trapped him in a Utah canyon, was all over the news the minute his grueling plight came to light. It was unbelievable, yet it was true and that’s why we were endlessly fascinated by this ultimate act of survival.

127 Hours, starring James Franco as Aron is the depiction of Ralston’s five painstaking days in that canyon. We know going in what is going to happen and so, I wondered how the director, Danny Boyle was going to make those seemingly endless hours not seem like an eternity for the audience while still conveying the progression of Ralston’s ordeal. He succeeds in keeping the story riveting and tense by using the landscape to mark the passage of time visually while juxtaposing the successive levels of Aron’s mental and physical struggle to stay alive. Continue reading »

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