Finch and Root

Finch and Root

Person of Interest continues to up the stakes and provide non-stop action without sacrificing story or character development. After Carter’s death I felt the loss you feel when a character you love is gone and also wondered how the show was going to keep the momentum going after such an emotional storyline.

The outstanding Episode 17 puts all those questions to rest. There’s a symmetry to the events in this chapter, which brings all the characters and divergent opposing groups together to set the stage for the next big showdown. All the players are in the game on this one including Vigilance, Decima, Team Finch and Root. Of course, there’s also the omnipresent machine that now has to contend with a second omniscient artificial intelligence called Samaritan that the dark forces of Decima are working to bring online. The Terminator never had it this good. Continue reading »

Any marginally observant person who has taken a walk around New York City, especially downtown Manhattan will probably not have a hard time buying the premise of Person of Interest. Which is that essentially after 9/11, the government authorized the creation of an intricate system that employs the use of cameras, cell phones and online monitoring to detect possible terrorist activity.

The show jumps off from that point with Michael Emerson, so brilliant as Ben Linus on Lost, playing another elusive character. This time around he’s the billionaire architect of the government’s spy machine who’s gone off the grid after realizing his personal Frankenstein was also detecting everyday crimes that were considered irrelevant by the powers that be who are only interested in foiling terrorist plots. Continue reading »

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