Gravity is an all enveloping, physical and emotional experience that catapults you into space and leaves you grasping for air until the last pulsating frame.

Sandra Bullock is medical engineer Ryan Stone and George Clooney is veteran astronaut and mission commander Matt Kowalski. The two are part of the Explorer space shuttle crew. Except for the fact that they are in space, it’s an ordinary expedition until disaster strikes. The shuttle is hit by satellite debris, which detaches Stone from the Explorer and sends her tumbling into space. Kowalski, in a jetpack, manages to reach Stone but when the two get to the Explorer they find it is destroyed. Together they must find a way to survive the loss of their ship and all communication with Houston.

George Clooney is perfectly cast here as the charming and in control Kowalski, a man who lives life to the fullest and isn’t afraid to let go. Sandra Bullock makes you feel every heart pounding moment of fear, desperation and longing for home that Stone experiences during her ordeal. Continue reading »

There’s a scene in The Descendants where George Clooney’s Matt King runs to a neighbor’s home, which is supposed to be funny but only serves to show that he is miscast in the role of Matt King, a husband and father of two who has just found out his comatose wife was having an affair. The problem with the scene is that I can see George Clooney acting; straining to run the way he thinks a middle-aged, repressed man would who is suddenly experiencing a moment of spontaneous emotion.

When it comes to George Clooney, I’m in that minor camp of women who doesn’t get why the other 95% of women swoon over him. Which means that when I watch a Clooney film, I judge him strictly on the acting and this time he falls short. There are times when I’ve really enjoyed his work and believed his performance as in Syriana but this isn’t one of them. Continue reading »

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