Oldboy, from Korean director Chan Wook Park, is the story of a common man Oh Dae Su, who disappears on a rainy night and is mysteriously imprisoned for 15 years by an unknown adversary.  Oh Dae Su escapes with one goal in mind, revenge against his captor. A young waitress, Mi-do who is even more important to Oh Dae Su than he can imagine, helps him in his quest to learn why he was locked away.

The plot is original and unpredictable and Park has a clear, self-assured vision of the story he wants to tell and how he wants to tell it. To this end, he employs a commanding visual style that is integral to the tone of the film. Oldboy is a low budget movie but has a stylized rich look and texture.

The camera movement reveals the narrative in an unobtrusive, subtle manner that lends to the whole feel of the film. There is an otherworldly and isolated air throughout, which is how you imagine Oh Dae Su must feel as he unlocks the pieces of the puzzle. Continue reading »

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