“What are you doing Lars Von Trier? Okay, I’m going to go along with it because I like him.” Beautiful still images, more extreme slow motion images set to music. “I can’t. He’s got to start the movie. If I want to see still images, I’ll go to a museum. Please start the movie!!!!!!!”

That’s a snippet of my internal monologue during the first few excruciating minutes of Melancholia. Maybe it’s a symptom of the digital age or the fact that I’m part of the MTV generation but I have no patience for this type of painterly, extended type of montages, at least not at the start of a film.

Unlike previous Von Trier films Breaking the Waves and Dancer in the Dark, which had a cohesive structure and well developed characters although they both left me feeling suicidal, Melancholia has only the bare outlines of characters and no story for the viewer to grasp onto. The basic premise of the film is that a planet is on a collision course with earth and the end of mankind may be only days away. Unfortunately, it feels like it’s the movie that is days away from ending. Continue reading »

There are always a few movies that are released that you don’t seem to hear about and only stumble upon when looking for something to watch one evening. All Good Things, a docudrama depiction of the long ago disappearance of young and promising medical student, Katie Marks (Kirsten Dunst), is one of those unexpected finds.

Ryan Gosling is David Marks, the son of New York City real estate tycoon Sanford Marks (Frank Langella) a cold and domineering man who belittles his son. While on an errand for his father, David meets Katie, a middle class girl from Long Island who is a tenant in one of the family’s apartment buildings. The two fall in love and despite his father’s objections they marry, move to Vermont and open a health food store. The couple’s fairytale happiness in the country is short-lived as David gives in to pressure from his father and joins the family business. Continue reading »

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