SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read any further if you’re not caught up on season five.


Parenthood continues to be the best family show on television in season 5 of its run on NBC. Regular viewers of the family drama also know that instead of popcorn, what you’ll be reaching for is that box of tissues you need to keep handy when spending time with the Bravermans.

The head of the Braverman clan, Zeek and Camille get a chance to shine this season in a look at how a marriage changes and where it goes in those later years when a couple who has raised a family has to decide how they want to spend their remaining years. Will Zeek and Camille sell their home and start a new adventure or is there still plenty of excitement left right in their own backyard? As the two contemplate this question, it’s a heartwarming pleasure to watch the reflection, negotiation and compromise at work in a long-term marriage that’s still evolving. Continue reading »

The Bravermans have morphed into the best TV family since Party of Five’s orphaned Salinger clan. The last two episodes of season two featured some of the show’s best writing and acting complete with those awkward, tense moments all families experience as well as the highs that make you forget that just yesterday you wanted to strangle your _________ (insert family member of your choice.)

One of the best moments comes courtesy of the technology most people can’t seem to do without. You know how your cell phone will sometimes become unlocked or simply possessed and dial the last number you called and all the person on the other end hears is the rustling inside your bag or pants pockets? Well, when 16 year-old Haddie’s cell phone accidentally calls her parents, Adam and Christina hear what every parent doesn’t want to and their ensuing embarrassment, discomfort, and desire to protect their daughter is both painful and funny, but mostly real. Even in today’s hyper aware world of too much information, parents still don’t know how to nor enjoy the necessary job of speaking to their kids about sex. Continue reading »

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