Drive stars Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stunt driver and mechanic who also happens to be a getaway driver. The solitary Driver whose name we never learn is a loner with no friends or family except for his beaten down employer, Shannon (Bryan Cranston) who owns the garage where he works and is also the stunt coordinator who hires him to work in movies.

Driver is a man of few words preferring to let others do the talking while he reveals nothing. Gosling is magnetic as a man who possesses a calm demeanor on the surface but harbors a tightly coiled animal instinct to survive and an explosive propensity for violence when necessary.

Nicolas Winding Refn the director has a firm grasp of his material. There’s a consistent tone to the film from beginning to end. His is not the bright candy colored Los Angeles seen in so many other films. Instead, the Danish director perfectly captures the sprawling and alienating landscape of LA that often serves as a barrier between people.  The empty desolate streets at night and the strip mall restaurants and markets that give the city an eerie, disconnected feel. Continue reading »

Love is at times crazy, stupid, heartbreaking, and in rare instances enduring. In the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid Love Steve Carell is Cal Weaver, a middle-aged husband and father who has lost his mojo and Julianne Moore is his wife, Emily who startles him out of his date night ‘Dockers and sneakers’ complacency when she asks for a divorce.

Cal’s immediate response to her request is at once hilarious and painful. He becomes a regular at an upscale LA lounge where he sits at the bar moping and complaining aloud to no one in particular about his wife’s infidelity with one David Lindhagen, played by Kevin Bacon who makes the most out of the small but pivotal role. Continue reading »

There are always a few movies that are released that you don’t seem to hear about and only stumble upon when looking for something to watch one evening. All Good Things, a docudrama depiction of the long ago disappearance of young and promising medical student, Katie Marks (Kirsten Dunst), is one of those unexpected finds.

Ryan Gosling is David Marks, the son of New York City real estate tycoon Sanford Marks (Frank Langella) a cold and domineering man who belittles his son. While on an errand for his father, David meets Katie, a middle class girl from Long Island who is a tenant in one of the family’s apartment buildings. The two fall in love and despite his father’s objections they marry, move to Vermont and open a health food store. The couple’s fairytale happiness in the country is short-lived as David gives in to pressure from his father and joins the family business. Continue reading »

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