I add movies to my Netflix queue and then forget about them. Getting the DVDs has become somewhat like opening a fortune cookie. I know there will be something inside but I don’t know what it will be. When I opened up the red envelope to find Hachi: A Dog’s Tale I was relieved because I’d read it was a heartwarming story and I wasn’t in the mood for anything dark. I was also curious to see this film starring Richard Gere and Joan Allen that had gone straight to DVD.

Gere is Parker Wilson a music professor who finds a lost puppy at the train station on his way home one night. He brings the puppy back to his house but his wife Cate (Joan Allen) insists he cannot keep the dog. Parker and his daughter Andy (Sarah Roemer) are instantly smitten with the dog and despite putting up flyers around town and a half-hearted attempt to find the dog another home it’s clear he isn’t going anywhere. Continue reading »

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