If you’re thinking of going to see Source Code, erase that thought from your head. It’s ridiculous. The major twist is obvious early on, so that moment where Michelle Monaghan’s character, a sweet teacher named Christina reveals that shocking thing that we’re not supposed to already know is a big yawn. Jake Gyllenhaal is Colter Stevens, the soldier whose mission it is to find the terrorist who has planted a bomb on a train. There is some quantum physics mumbo jumbo spouted as the explanation for how he can be repeatedly transported to those last eight fateful minutes on board the commuter train headed to Chicago. The story lacks tension, surprise or any real emotion. Should you be home with the flu one day and need some mindless entertainment, then stream or rent Source Code. Otherwise, skip this attempt at a time travel/reincarnation hybrid. It’s more disposable than the exorbitantly priced popcorn with fake butter topping at the concession stand.

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