SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read any further if you’re not caught up on season three

Person of Interest Photo By: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Person of Interest Photo By: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

When Person of Interest premiered back in 2011, the stylish procedural hybrid about an all knowing machine that spits out the social security numbers of potential crime victims hooked me and viewers with its timely storyline, intriguing characters and cinematic tone. My only concern at the time was whether the show’s ‘number’ of the week convention would grow tiresome as the series progressed.

Now in season 3, it’s clear that fear was unfounded except for a random lackluster episode here or there. With each season, Person of Interest has grown more riveting, its characters continue to develop and reveal layers, and the backstory has unspooled at a steady and absorbing pace.

One of the show’s unexpected and greatest strengths has been the introduction of strong and compelling female characters. Taraji P. Henson as the dogged, no nonsense Detective Carter is an original cast member and since then she’s been joined by Amy Acker as tech genius, machine whisperer Root, Sarah Shahi as borderline sociopath, ex-government assassin Sameen Shaw and Paige Turco as recurring character Zoe Morgan, a fixer with connections in high places and smoking hot chemistry with John. Continue reading »

Person of Interest, John opens his birthday gift

John’s past is the jump off for this week’s episode. It starts with an idyllic time with his girlfriend Jessica and then flashes to the moment he was shot by Stanton and later to him on a bus in New Rochelle, NY.

Cut to present day New York where John is waiting for Finch at the “office.” Finch greets John with the news that they don’t have a new person of interest and surprises him with a birthday gift. It looks like Finch has a secret of his own though as he pulls up a computer file on what looks like a new number, Karen Garner.

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Any marginally observant person who has taken a walk around New York City, especially downtown Manhattan will probably not have a hard time buying the premise of Person of Interest. Which is that essentially after 9/11, the government authorized the creation of an intricate system that employs the use of cameras, cell phones and online monitoring to detect possible terrorist activity.

The show jumps off from that point with Michael Emerson, so brilliant as Ben Linus on Lost, playing another elusive character. This time around he’s the billionaire architect of the government’s spy machine who’s gone off the grid after realizing his personal Frankenstein was also detecting everyday crimes that were considered irrelevant by the powers that be who are only interested in foiling terrorist plots. Continue reading »

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