Finch and Root

Finch and Root

Person of Interest continues to up the stakes and provide non-stop action without sacrificing story or character development. After Carter’s death I felt the loss you feel when a character you love is gone and also wondered how the show was going to keep the momentum going after such an emotional storyline.

The outstanding Episode 17 puts all those questions to rest. There’s a symmetry to the events in this chapter, which brings all the characters and divergent opposing groups together to set the stage for the next big showdown. All the players are in the game on this one including Vigilance, Decima, Team Finch and Root. Of course, there’s also the omnipresent machine that now has to contend with a second omniscient artificial intelligence called Samaritan that the dark forces of Decima are working to bring online. The Terminator never had it this good. Continue reading »

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read any further if you’re not caught up on season five.


Parenthood continues to be the best family show on television in season 5 of its run on NBC. Regular viewers of the family drama also know that instead of popcorn, what you’ll be reaching for is that box of tissues you need to keep handy when spending time with the Bravermans.

The head of the Braverman clan, Zeek and Camille get a chance to shine this season in a look at how a marriage changes and where it goes in those later years when a couple who has raised a family has to decide how they want to spend their remaining years. Will Zeek and Camille sell their home and start a new adventure or is there still plenty of excitement left right in their own backyard? As the two contemplate this question, it’s a heartwarming pleasure to watch the reflection, negotiation and compromise at work in a long-term marriage that’s still evolving. Continue reading »

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read any further if you’re not caught up on season three

Revenge_Eps308_Emily_VictoriaLoyal Revengers had to suffer through a convoluted and worse—boring season two that was taken over by super annoying characters no one cared about (Padma anyone?) and the ridiculous initiative which resembled a leftover failed idea from an Austin Powers movie. The only fun moments were when Emily (Emily VanCamp) donned her Ninja black hoodie to kick some butt, which wasn’t nearly often enough.

Proving that good things do sometimes come to those who wait, Revengers who stuck around have been treated to a rebooted season three—call it Revenge 3.0. Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Emily are at it again with a vengeance complete with looks that can kill, equally killer outfits and conniving maneuvers that involve more twists and turns than Emily’s Pandora’s box can hold. Continue reading »

Sleepy Hollow takes the well-known legendary Washington Irving story of a headless horseman and transports the characters to present day to create a fish out of water premise that mixes fantasy, humor, and end of world impending doom.

The timid Ichabod Crane is smartly transformed from a nervous schoolteacher into an English revolutionary war soldier fighting on the side of the American rebels.

The headless horseman in this update is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse foretold in The Bible’s Book of Revelation. It’s on the battlefield that Ichabod first faces the infamous horseman and beheads him after being mortally wounded himself. Of course, this being a fantasy, Ichabod and the horseman are bound together by blood and a magical spell cast by Ichabod’s beloved wife Katrina, a witch.

Before you can say decapitation, Ichabod wakes up in a cave in modern day Sleepy Hollow to face the horseman and a proliferation of Starbucks coffee shops, women in trousers and excessive taxes. In one of the funniest lines so far Ichabod is outraged by the “10 percent levy on baked goods,” those goods being donut holes. Continue reading »

Human cloning is a fascinating idea. Probably only identical siblings can even come close to knowing what it would feel like to have carbon copies of yourself walking around. That’s the premise of the BBC America series Orphan Black.

Tatiana Maslany is Sarah a troubled, punk, single mom who discovers that she is a clone. Rescued from an orphanage, she and her foster brother Felix (Jordan Gavaris), a cheeky out and proud fountain of witty one-liners are raised by Mrs. S (Maria Doyle kennedy) who leaves England with the two in search of a better life for them. The show gets off to a quick start in the opening scene with Sarah’s fateful encounter on a train platform with Beth, a well-dressed woman who looks exactly like her and turns out to be a police detective.

She soon discovers there are more versions of herself out there and that someone wants them eliminated after she takes on the identity of one of the dead clones. Sarah’s plan is to stick around long enough to get a large amount of cash that’s due her dearly departed double and leave town with her daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler) and Felix. Surprise—the plot thickens, complications ensue and she’s sucked into the clone conspiracy mystery while trying to survive. Continue reading »

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