The_CrownWatchability Factor: Background TV

A well acted, well done show about the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II. In other words, it’s the visual equivalent of Muzak. A show about wealthy, uptight, privileged English White people and their “problems.” Sorry, but the fact that Prince Philip must give up Clarence House, where he and Elizabeth live before she becomes the Queen, to go live at Buckingham Palace isn’t a dilemma that moves me—call me crazy or call me an ex-New Yorker who knows you don’t complain when you get to live in more than one room AND at the taxpayers’ expense. Although, in Philip’s defense, I’ve toured Buckingham Palace and it’s not exactly comfy.

The historical aspects of the show are interesting. John Lithgow is great as Winston Churchill. I’d rather watch a show about him; someone who had to actually earn his position and fight to keep it. And, the scenes that center on Prince Edward who gave up the crown to marry Wallis Simpson are the most involving and emotional. He was an elitist brought down to earth by ultimately being human like the rest of us. Overall though, this is definitely not must-watch TV.

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