The new season of House picked up right where last season ended with House and Cuddy together after House’s heartbreaking loss of a patient in the crane collapse and Cuddy’s decision to finally ditch Lucas. The House-Cuddy chemistry is palpable and it’s satisfying to see them finally get together. Of course, like many viewers, I’ve seen these on screen romances quickly fizzle and fall flat once the characters do “it,” much like in real life. If the first two episodes are any indication though, the move to pair these two off is the right one. The rapport between the two is as strong as ever and watching House trying to sort of behave is fun. Instead of taking the air out of the show, the relationship has added an element of spice the show was lacking.

The dispatch of Thirteen to parts unknown during the season opener, due to Olivia Wilde going off to shoot a movie, is also a welcome move. Although I’m not one of those viewers who hate Thirteen, I can’t say I’ve ever warmed to her character and wouldn’t be opposed to her not returning.

Although, the medical mystery in the first episode is not memorable or interesting the case in the second episode more than makes up for this. In a “Sophie’s Choice” type of dilemma, a couple must decide whether to approve donating half their son’s lung who suffers from muscular dystrophy and thereby significantly shortening his life to save their daughter’s life, or not use their son as a donor thus allowing their daughter to die. It’s gut-wrenching to watch and as expected, House and Cuddy disagree on presenting the parents with this horrible choice, which, as it turns out, is good for their relationship.

Now if we could just see Foreman getting it on and a glimpse of Chase’s quadruple dating situation, the show would be full on munchable.

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