LouieLouie presents a fully defined world-view that feels totally real and relatable. The show has a matter of fact honesty that is stripped of any showiness or self-aware hipness and that may be its strongest point and the reason for its appeal. If you’re looking for a comedy loaded with witty banter and pop culture references, keep on clicking because you won’t find it on Louie.

What you will find instead is a character based show rooted in the experiences of an everyday guy who isn’t part of the cool, attractive crowd but one of the masses who just happens to be a comedian. Louie is a divorced dad of 42 with two young daughters trying to do his best as a father and a human being while suffering indignities big and small and occasionally messing up as we all do.

While Louie does present a three dimensional flawed individual who is socially awkward and often bewildered by those around him including his own daughters it also gives audiences one of the most nuanced and raw portraits of an adult male on television. As the season goes on, Louie emerges as a man with a clear set of principles rooted in a common sense and fair-minded broad view that the world doesn’t owe anyone anything.

Louie is at its best when it depicts the brutal reality of divorce and its aftermath and how difficult it truly is to raise children. Those who are divorced will recognize all too well the hilariously bleak truths of disentangling after many years together like when Louie says, “Divorce is like being free but on the other end of a long prison term.” But, anyone who has been in a relationship can relate to the absurdity of dating especially when you’re older and have responsibilities.

All the realism may sound depressing but there is ultimately a twistedly sweet and hopeful tone to the show that makes you feel you are not alone in your exasperation and confusion about everyday life and relationships. And, that may be all any of us can hope for.

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