No other way to put this—24 minutes into the show and I’m completely bored. There is a pedestrian and lackluster air about the entire production, which is not a quality you want in any show, but especially not one about a family that discovers they have superpowers after a plane crash in Brazil. So far, the only power this show has over me is that of inducing sleep. The voice over narration and talking to the camera doesn’t help and only serves to slow down the pace of the show.

Michael Chiklis, so riveting in “The Shield” is dull and flat as the husband and father, Jim Powell and Julie Benz, so good on “Dexter” as the single mom who anchored Dexter to normality is equally one-note as his wife, Stephanie. There is no chemistry between the two and the family doesn’t seem at all like they’re related. From the first minute of the first episode of “Party of Five,” I believed they were a family. The family on this show feels like a collection of actors playing disconnected parts. The kids, a daughter played by an Amber Tamblyn look-alike and son are more natural and actually seem like real, know-it-all, moody teenagers.

The tone of the show also has an outdated, 70s feel about it. The early 80s show, “The Greatest American Hero,” about a teacher who finds an alien suit that gives him super human powers, seems more modern and fun than this show.

It is the first episode and I do remember not liking the first episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” a show I’m now completely addicted to. There are a couple of glimmers of hope that “No Ordinary Family” may improve. One is a fun scene where Chiklis fights off a villain with his own super power of shifting into a wispy black matter and the other is a moment toward the end of the show where Jim and Stephanie finally seem like they could possibly be husband and wife. I’ll watch the show a couple of more times to see if these glimmers turn into a worthwhile story I want to follow every week.

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