It took a long time for me to actually like this show; up until yesterday in fact. I’m exaggerating but only slightly. At the end of the first season, I wasn’t sure I’d be back. I found so many of the characters annoying, especially Lauren Graham as Sarah and Monica Potter as Kristina. It felt like being trapped with one’s own family only more irritating. There were also one too many cutesy, dancing, “look at us we’re a family” moments on the show. Okay, maybe there was only one actual dance scene but it seemed like more. Then, just when I was about to lose patience, there would be a slice of life so real that I was pulled into the show again.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point during the second season the characters gelled, the storylines came together, and the Bravermans transformed into a real family; still annoying to the point that you sometimes want to slap them but also loveable and believably human.

I loved when teen daughter Haddie came home to find her parents (Adam and Kristina) taking the door to her room off its hinges after she had repeatedly clashed with them over a boyfriend. My parents did them one better and we didn’t have doors to begin with but I seem to remember one sibling causing a phone to be ripped off the wall. The integrating of Crosby’s future mother-in-law, Renee and her pies which were in competition with the controlling Julia’s pies, during Thanksgiving was funny and one of those details that rings true. There’s always someone in every family known for a specialty they don’t want anyone else claiming.

Kristina and Sarah are still often exasperating but their characters have been allowed to breathe and we can see that like all good mothers their actions stem from a deep love for and desire to help their children. Kristina’s insistence on getting her autistic son invited to a classmate’s party borders on the obsessive. Yet you understand she just wants her son to be accepted and what parent doesn’t want that whether they admit it or not.

The Bravermans have grown on me. Now when I come home and find Parenthood on my DVR it’s like having good friends drop in for the night and when it ends I’m already looking forward to my next visit with the Bravermans.

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  1. Also what I like about the show is their treatment of the interracial issue…it’s not an issue. Additionally, the young man Haddie is interested in is not a “super negro”, he’s an average kid with some issues. We all now how easy it is to see the interracial interest when the person went to Hardvard, MIT and Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

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