What Would You Do? John Quiñones

Primetime: What Would You Do? Host, John Quiñones

If you are fascinated by human nature and seeing how human beings react when placed in conflicting situations, then you will love Primetime: What Would You Do?, which airs Friday nights on ABC. The hidden camera show, hosted by John Quiñones, uses actors to set up button pushing scenarios and then records the reactions of the unsuspecting public.

The best thing about the show is that amidst the barrage of devastating news from around the world on a daily basis it reaffirms your faith in the kindness and basic goodness of humanity when faced with a fellow human being in distress. In one especially touching scene two women hug and comfort a crying woman in a diner after a teen mom tells her that she has changed her mind and won’t be giving her child up for adoption. One of these good Samaritans, who turns out to be a UNICEF worker, takes the time to pray for a child to come into the woman’s life.

At the same time, there are less intense situations that lead to laugh out loud funny moments. At a grocery store, a male actor blatantly munches on strawberries in the produce section as fellow shoppers look on in disapproval while others get involved and tell the man he’s stealing and spreading germs. When presented with a female grazer engaging in the same behavior and even going so far as to put whipped cream on the fruit, female shoppers speak out against what she is doing but none of the men criticize her. One man says she is cute and another actually tries to pick her up.

With the proliferation of so-called reality shows on television, What Would You Do? may be the only true reality show on the air because it lets you see what people will do when they don’t know the cameras are rolling.

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