Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne on "Revenge"

I quickly became addicted to Revenge, a soapy thriller for the digital age. But, I had one misgiving when I reviewed the show back in November of 2011 and that was how far the revenge storyline could go. “Once Emily dispatches her list of victims or is found out, what’s left? Where do the characters and story go from there?” It seemed like my fears had been confirmed when the storyline took a dive for a couple of episodes toward the wind down of season one with Emily behaving uncharacteristically unninja-like, a boring murder trial, and the random appearance of a lover from Victoria Grayson’s past.

Not to worry. I’m happy to report the creative lull was short-lived and the writers have regained their senses. Revenge not only ended its freshman season in a literally explosive fashion but also delivered one of the best season endings ever with a closing montage set to Florence and the Machine’s “Seven Devils” that is a study in perfect leave them wanting more suspense.

Madeline Stowe who has been deliciously devious all season does her best work yet. She manages to pull off the melodramatic lines, the skintight dresses, and make the conniving, knife twisting Victoria at once ruthless, human and fiercely maternal.

Fan favorite Gabriel Mann has earned every devoted follower with his edgy, stylish, hilariously witty performance as Emily’s best friend and partner in crime Nolan Ross who has a soft spot for Ems, true love and fair play. He deserves an Emmy nomination for the breakout role. He certainly does not disappoint in the finale, tossing off rewind worthy one-liners faster than you can reach for the remote. “Stay right where you are and do not do anything revengy until I get there,” he tells Emily during one low point. You can bet the audience isn’t going anywhere with so many more “revengy” surprises and twists yet to come.

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