SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read any further if you’re not caught up on season three

Revenge_Eps308_Emily_VictoriaLoyal Revengers had to suffer through a convoluted and worse—boring season two that was taken over by super annoying characters no one cared about (Padma anyone?) and the ridiculous initiative which resembled a leftover failed idea from an Austin Powers movie. The only fun moments were when Emily (Emily VanCamp) donned her Ninja black hoodie to kick some butt, which wasn’t nearly often enough.

Proving that good things do sometimes come to those who wait, Revengers who stuck around have been treated to a rebooted season three—call it Revenge 3.0. Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Emily are at it again with a vengeance complete with looks that can kill, equally killer outfits and conniving maneuvers that involve more twists and turns than Emily’s Pandora’s box can hold.

Revenge has returned to what made the show delicious fun in the first place—human nature’s instinctive desire to get good and even. I won’t hesitate to admit that I am enjoying every moment of Emily’s rededicated focus to bringing the Graysons down at all costs. Adding to the excitement is the unpredictability of Emily’s ‘friends.’ This season, both Ninja Ems and Society Ems has been thwarted not only by her enemies but her closest allies who have grown justifiably tired of letting Emily pull all the strings. A no longer in the dark Jack (Nick Wechsler), has finally grown a pair and given Emily a deadline to end her quest, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) has revealed his role to Jack, and beady-eyed Aidan (Barry Sloane) is pushing his own agenda.

The Graysons are at their troublemaking best. Danielle’s (Joshua Bowman) loyalty to Emily is questionable as he realizes she’s a younger version of Victoria, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) is barely civil to anyone, least of all her family, and Conrad (Henry Czerny) continues to plot and protect family secrets at every opportunity.

Of course, the two queens of the show Emily and Victoria and king Nolan keep all the gears turning, or should I say three queens since this season Nolan is firmly ensconced in the gay camp. Who cares? We’ll take our Nolan any way we can get him but preferably with his colorful shoes and without anymore Padmas. So, if you abandoned Revenge after its off the rails second season, it’s safe to come back. Check into a room at the South Fork Inn and catch up on season three before new episodes return on Sunday, December 8.

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