Sleepy Hollow takes the well-known legendary Washington Irving story of a headless horseman and transports the characters to present day to create a fish out of water premise that mixes fantasy, humor, and end of world impending doom.

The timid Ichabod Crane is smartly transformed from a nervous schoolteacher into an English revolutionary war soldier fighting on the side of the American rebels.

The headless horseman in this update is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse foretold in The Bible’s Book of Revelation. It’s on the battlefield that Ichabod first faces the infamous horseman and beheads him after being mortally wounded himself. Of course, this being a fantasy, Ichabod and the horseman are bound together by blood and a magical spell cast by Ichabod’s beloved wife Katrina, a witch.

Before you can say decapitation, Ichabod wakes up in a cave in modern day Sleepy Hollow to face the horseman and a proliferation of Starbucks coffee shops, women in trousers and excessive taxes. In one of the funniest lines so far Ichabod is outraged by the “10 percent levy on baked goods,” those goods being donut holes.

Ichabod’s ally in his quest against the horseman is local girl Abby Mills, a police Lieutenant on her way to Quantico to join the FBI. You already know that isn’t going to happen. Abby decides to stay put to uncover the strange happenings in town after her mentor and partner, Sheriff Corbin is beheaded by the horseman.

The show is quickly paced and keeps the action moving while giving the characters room to breathe. Tom Mison as Ichabod is talented eye candy, has a dashing Indiana Jones air, and can toss off a dramatic or humorous line with equal ease. Nicole Beharie plays Abby with just the right amount of sass, vulnerability and healthy dose of skepticism about what’s going on around her. Abby and Ichabod have a snappy chemistry that doesn’t have that underlying romantic tension that takes over so many other shows. Orlando Jones as Captain Frank Irving is subtly funny as the put upon straight man that doesn’t really want to know what Ichabod and Abby are running around doing if it can’t be explained.

Sleepy Hollow combines time travel, and the supernatural world of witches and magic, with biblical prophecy to deliver a fun, original twist on a tried and true classic that stands on its own.

According to Revelations, Abby and Ichabod have seven years to witness and defeat the forces of evil. There’s no telling if the show’s premise can extend to seven seasons but for now this ride is off to a fun start.

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