By the end of the fourth episode of The Walking Dead, after replaying the last scene three times, I knew I was officially hooked. If like me, you like to be surprised, emotionally riveted, and intellectually challenged when watching a show, then you will not only appreciate the different levels of this series but become just as addicted to the mix of adrenalin, drama and horror it consistently delivers. The Walking Dead has it all: action, family drama, heartfelt emotion, sci-fi, and relationship angst, all set amidst the life and death struggle of a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies eager to chomp on the handful of living that are left.

“This is what takes us down. This is our extinction event,” says one of the characters in the emotional and fireworks filled season finale. What’s so great about this show and even sadder is that it’s not far off from reality. Human beings are their own worst enemy and unfortunately, we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes. Case in point is the Gulf oil spill and the fact that even that catastrophic event is not enough to make us realize that we cannot continue on our current path. We will eventually destroy ourselves due to our own selfishness and arrogance. In The Walking Dead the extinction event is an unknown virus. What will be the actual extinction event of the human race? We don’t know but we may have already set it in motion as a result of our lack of foresight and respect for the planet that sustains each and every one of us. In the meantime, enjoy the carnage on screen and tune it to The Walking Dead.

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